Thursday, 24 January 2013


It is late,the time is 12 minutes past 2am. I am not asleep,am seated in my dimly lit room,a radio playing soft music just above my head,the neighbor hood quiet,I can almost hear me breath.Now for me, this is the the time I sink into thought.

Today,it is politics,ODM,TNA,and all the others.Do not get me wrong,the other parties also do count but for some strange reason as Kenyans you either belong to ODM or TNA .There are young boys in my area code who are so "passionate" and are willing to kill for the same.They sit by shops discussing politics all day,hurling insults at people they have labeled their opponents.

I have been wondering how these young men make ends meet,to me they are very idle and sadly enough they belong to the most productive age group.I got an answer to that,some politician somewhere is paying you to push his agenda.Sadly enough you probably dont believe a single bit in the agenda you are pushing.

What happened o passion?Ask me not.
What happened to being independent minded?

Young people,history will judge you harshly,very harshly!!!!!!!!!!wake up and play your role,but remember it has to be peaceful.

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