Thursday, 17 January 2013


The time now is 12:44 am,I am seated in the dark,there is pin drop silence,I can hear myself press the computer buttons and the sound of the fun above me does not help at all.Outside there is movement of tuk tuks and motor bikes,yes at 12:44am. Isn't this just the perfect time for me to write my thoughts down.

I recently watched a documentary on prostitution behind the veil.Yes the veil.It left me a taste of disgust.I know you are not sure what disgust tastes like.At the back of my mouth  I could taste bitter or should I say sour.That feeling you have when you eat a row mango,the one that has you picking your ears.Only that this time it was accompanied by nausea.

On Sunday night walking along Accra road at 8pm, I got to see beautiful women, parading themsleves on the street.I say to myself this must be desperation. What would have you sleep with several men in a night?Is there any pleasure from doing that, is there any sexual gratification.I can imagine how the women feel when the night is over.

The Sunday night encounter and the documentary on prostitution behind the veil in Iran had me shading tears.Women are usually pushed to the wall.In the documentary,one of the lady discusses how she enjoys using scented condoms with this naughty look on her face,but soon looks down at her feet as she says how bad its feels when the deed is all over.She wonders how many more men she has to sleep with to get a break through in her life.All she wants is her daughter's happiness,a difference for that little girl whose oblivious of the heroine her mother is smoking just to escape a few minutes of reality. 

I do not judge,I never and ever will.You know why,because you and I have sent this women to the streets to serve as commercial sex workers.When you have that incompetent secretary whose comes from your ethnic community,when as a teacher you keep reinforcing failure to a weak student, when as a doctor you let a mother who has just given birth bleed to death leaving the newborn to be brought up by a stranger,when you tear that page from a library book, when you grab land leaving others without shelter,when you rape a woman impregnating her,when in church you become God making Judgement  left,right and center.Yes you and I have those women out there every night,because we pay for the sex,ohhh I had to tell you that,we do pay for that sex as a society, Christians, Muslims , Indians and all other religions alike.Only we pay for it in secret,during the day each of us choosing to act all self righteous, a friend of mine would have said acting like you  competing Jesus in being holly,Interesting choice of words.......

I do not judge,because my three fingers are pointing at me,only one is pointing at them.  

I will try posting the documentary,its about 30 minutes long.

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