Thursday, 17 January 2013


Gabriel do you remember that beautiful sunset,you probably do not,maybe you never even take time to look keenly at it.The holidays are long over,but I am lucky to have the opportunity to laze around at the beach.I ask myself why such an opportunity,why me,then again why not me.

Life has its way of molding our day to day lives.Today it hurts,tomorrow it hurts just a little less and after a couple of months it does not hurt at all.However as human beings we many a times what to hold on to the pain,we want to remember every last detail of it.I can still hear her voice saying those nasty things to me,six months down the line,she said,least bothered about who was listening. I have moved from house to house and home to home since my parents died because I just couldn't get along with all those families that took me in,he whispered this as we sat in a dimply lit room, to ensure I couldn't see those tear drops.I have been hurt really badly by people I cared for deeply,am just so tired of this life,she said as I gave a big hug warm of reassurance.

How many times do we choose to hang on to the pain.I am a culprit too, a big one at that.For me its all about being a tough cookie,never asking for help,always brushing aside rude comments,smiling in public and crying myself to sleep,yes there is many of us but its equally important to learn to live life like that beautiful sunset.The sun sets in the evening and rises in the morning how about we each learn to allow it to set beautifully with all the heart ache the day came with,allowing us to rise in the morning like a new sun.Yes and when it rises,the site is equally to die for,therefore a new day should be as bright and as appealing to look at and look forward to just like the sun rise.

I am happier,healthier,sweeter,and lets just say,more softer even during the day.My friends say,I have this innocent smile lately...........that is for you to judge,but my sun sets with the days aches and rises fresh a new each morning.

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