Monday, 27 May 2013

The detail

Having basked in the sun enough, it was inevitable that I either let my mind wonder, building  and demolishing castles or listen in to the conversation that my all about love neighbors were  having. The latter was a better choice. The former  has always left me drained, a bit disorientated and  well with a feeling of pity.

My friends talked about everything and I also listened to everything including the body language and body communication that was louder than their speech. I hope my honey moon will be much more sensible, rather I would be much more sensible during mine. I told you before that love is intoxicating, it leaves no room for reason or rationality. My friends as I call them, had a overdose of that intoxicating drug, love.

I love you and will never stop loving you, said Steven. Anne smiling like a young teenage girl looked at him and asked ,why do you love me or what do you love about me. I love you because you are beautiful, I love the smell of your hair, I love your tiny mouth and juicy lips, I love that you have a body to die for. I love that you are bright and smart. I love the look in your face when you are angry, that turns me on. I love that you are patient and kind, I love that you are at peace being you, I love that we are able to talk even without uttering a word. I love that you danced yourself silly at our wedding, I love that you are scared of spiders and I will always have to kill them for you. I love that you are my wife and no one can take you away from me……having heard enough of why he loves her, I shut my ears to the rest and waited for little Anne to write him  a love song in response.

As for the body language, let us start with what Steven looked like and what he wore to the beach. As is the norm, the beach is the one place where minimal clothing is allowed. So he was in a pair of white and blue beach shorts, that served him as a swimming costume as well. He had a defined six park, a clear indication that he spent some good quality time at the gym. Do not get me wrong, Steven did not look like one of those body builders who lift weights and flex their muscles for a living. He had a bit of muscle, a fairly hairy chest, cleanly waxed armpits a wedding band on his left hand finger, He had his hair in a neat cut. His nails were visibly manicured and pedicured. The man clearly takes care of himself, as that was not enough proof, he was very particular about how his lady applied sunscreen on him. He was keen to ensure that every inch of his skin was covered in sun screen.

Baby I love you because you are strong, yummy to look at, confident, smart and intelligent. You also always know what to say where and how to say it. I like it that you think and know I am hot. I love you because you gathered the courage and took your time to chase me for a record one year. I love you because you have strong family values, I love that I can share my thoughts with you without any fears. I love that you have faith in me. I love that you are a pillar I can lean on and I am sure not to fall. I love that  when you kiss me, I always want to live in that moment forever ,that when you run your fingers through my hair, I get goose bumps, that when you stare at me,  I get shy and loose my balance. I love you for who you truly are Steven….said Anne.

They exchanged niceties as their bodies said the words too. Steven would from time to time run his fingers through Anne’s hair, she would allow his hand to drop to her back. She would kiss the back of hs neck, bite his ears a whisper into his ears. I speared myself the torture by choosing not to listen in on the whispers, I can only imagine what they were telling each other. Having heard enough and enough of the sun, I packed my stuff and left bidding them bye in a hushed tone, ensuring I did not kill their moment.

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