Thursday, 23 May 2013

Day Two.....
Having gone to look for inspiration to begin writing again, I am still torn between whether I got the inspiration in the  few days I have been away or whether I got what to write about. Today I spent the better part of the day under un umbrella, sun screen, sun glasses, magazines and juice/margarita were my best company. With whom you must ask yourself….was alone, no no no, even a jury wouldn’t believe that. I have enjoyed the company of all those who took time to stare at me. Those who were able to put themselves together to ask why a pretty lady should be at  the beach on her own…..the beach boys who ransacked my bag while I was in the water hoping to find a camera, or any other electronics….now these people and more made my day.

A writer is always alert, his eyes and ears wide open…and that was me today. I tell you this, it comes as gossip, about a couple enjoying their honeymoon, without a tinge of guilt. For you to understand this story, we must agree on three vital things, the Groom is Steven, he is from  South Africa, the bride has an African name I did not catch so I shall christen her Ann, well she looked like an Ann to me. Thirdly, you must know that I am an outside observing the inside, just stolen moments…..

It is about 10am in the morning, the temperatures are a soaring 33 degrees, everyone is either out at the beach or soaking in the full. The sun feels like its dropped a little lower today. I peep through the window ad there is just too much skin to see, I bet given a chance, this crowd would go skinny dipping. I would too, the heat is about to even melt my cellulite. With this ,I am convinced that my bikini would so just fine. There are enough near naked people out already. 

Safety first, am reminded as I walk out, you must register before getting to the beach. This is ensure that at all times the marine police have a head count of persons at the beach. I ask why and I am told that that people have gone swimming and have never been found, before I could even digest that I am also reminded that forces of nature sometimes act up causing Tsunamis’.

With  a little help from an overly enthusiastic man, I am set, Umbrella, magazines, sun screen, margarita and well with a good view of a large part of the beach. Steven and Ann are my immediate neighbors. They seem to be enjoying a new love. A love still raw yet tender, a love untainted by the world. I am abit envious I must admit..
Steven is a light skinned gentle man. Yes gentleman, those who know me well will tell you that I rarely approve of a man to be gentle. A man excited to have a new bride, I must admit maybe it was un unbelievable for him. Well, if you saw Ann you would have probably said the same. Anne a burnet, petite, but curvy. Her hair is long, curly and is left to flow down to just below her neck. Her skin is of light complexion, she seems to be half white. Waswahili husema chotara,mwanake mwenye nywele za singa,mwenye ngozi laini,macho madodo na asiye na dosari.

We exchange a simple hallo as I settle down to my magazines. An assortment of them. Love is a beautiful thing, some say it is a choice, others a feeling, for me it is a drug, that intoxicates. Have I taken this drug before, could I be high on it, well, read on you might pick that out. Anne is a young lady, blossoming, beaming with unreserved  joy. She is in an orange bikini and a cabana to match tied skillfully to her side.I  couldn’t help but listen in on their conversations, many times I had to put my hands over my mouth to restrain from blurting. Steven would look at her in her eyes and tell her that she was now his wife, a bit of disbelief in his eyes, even in his voice. In response, the lady would kiss him closely and tell him how much she was excited to be his wife and couldn’t wait to bear him children and make him happy. Young as she seemed she sounded sure of what she had just gotten into. She seemed like she had a well drawn up schedule of events……………all of these while I was alone with my magazines and margarita.

look out for their intense converstion

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