Thursday, 23 May 2013

My road trip…….
In the last 48hours I have been able to cover about 2321 Kms .Yea I bet you are asking where I am?I am with you in spirit….right there where you are. I had reached a dead end with my writing, so had to do two things out of my comfort zone. One within the city and the other 2321kms away. While in town I went on a date with someone I met online, crazy, right? Let us just say that after the date, the guy never heard from me, not that I had ill intentions, but that he fell short, he didn’t meet my threshold. He complained about fifty shillings, falling short of the notion that “mwanamume ni effort”. Where I come from, when you are taking a girl out on a first date, you must make an effort….keeping in mind that first impressions last……

I am seated aboard this bus, everyone else is enjoying the movie on the plasma screen. The aircon is roving as the engine chatters and clicks. My seat number, four, just behind the driver. All that separates him and myself is the plasma screen. I bet now you know why I am not able to watch the screen. My seat mate a fairly elderly man, seems to be in his late forties, seems to have been cultured by life. His Swahili sounds like that from Pemba, one of the 5 dialects of Swahili. Well  as is the rule, before you travel, you must do some research .At least about the people, their culture and well, the language.

The bus, let me tell a little bit about it. My seat is adjustable, a good size, a good deal for the amount I paid for it. The drinks served on board are chilled both soft and alcoholic, strange for a destination that is predominantly  well, I will not mention………….

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