Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Today I got to work, sat at my desk and sunk into deep thought.Moments go by and we still remain the same.We still hold on to that bad mood we had in the morning.We still hold tight to that grudge we have kept for a while,you still have that Citi Hoppa ticket with you from the rude conductor,you still raise your head to look at that man who has no sense of colour in the office,that lady who has no fashion sense,you still sneer when your boss passes by,you still are plotting revenge on that partner who came home after midnight,you still brooding over that long lost love, you still wishing you were like that size eight bitch who lives next door, you still wishing it would not rain so that you get home dry,you still wishing that crazy neighbor would move out,you still wishing that your pay would go up a little,you still wishing Friday would come so that you sleep in Saturday morning.All of these are moments,moments that we allow to pass us by,moments we close our eyes to beautiful things,moments we fail to see God,s blessings, moments we would have made a friend, met a great lover or a mentor.Moments we would have put a smile on another persons smile.Moments!

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