Thursday, 27 October 2011


My best bet is that you have thought about the poor drainage system that has ensured that the business hub away from Nairobi City center is the place you dread the most.
Remind me, I have always thought that those in business always have to ensure they have a slippery tongue.I mean , one must have the ability to whore customers and keep them.Well,well, in Isili as is famously refereed to,that is not the case.This applies to both sexes,the men and women who have stalls are just impossible to deal with.They almost want to force clothes down your throat which is usually followed by a rood comment, "Kama hatuki, neenda tu"! they then get back to the mats where they have gathered in groups speaking in one of those languages.Did you want me to mention the language?
Oooh you walk into a stall and the owner stairs at you wondering why the hell you have chosen his/her shop.when you touch whatever is displayed,they quickly raise their voices to ask you to stop.
Given a choice Eastleigh would be my last choice as a shopping destination.
Tell me your experiences especially the one you are told a particular item is not available while you can see it displayed in the stall.

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