Thursday, 8 September 2011


 So on 6th of September, I decided to stroll on my way to Globe Cinema because there are so many hawkers and the prices they were calling out were really cheap! I then  identified  a pair of flat shoes worth 100 and I had 1000 bob only, note the only bit, I gave the hawker my 1k and he told me he was going to look for change. This was at 6.10pm. Upto 8.30pm I was still waiting for the dude to bring my change, stranded with no bus fare. Your best bet is I am smiling as I write this.
I got home, all the same, safe, distorted and feeling like a fool.
The best part is I took all the shoes he had laid out on the sack, although ugly, I still feel like I taught him a lesson.

The photos of all the ugly shoes will be up tommorrow 

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