Monday, 18 July 2011


Yes Underwear,surprised I know.
My dear readers today I will write about a topic we all prefer to ignore or act like we don't know what the hell that is.
This morning I was walking behind a woman who had a very elegant trouser suit.It was gray in colour and the fabric and texture told me how much she must have spent on that particular outfit.Mmmmm but there was one thing that made the suit cheap like hell.She had a garment under her trouser that looked like it was complaining.Like an old underwear whose elastic was worn out and could not stay in place.No,do not get me wrong I mean on the thigh section.It has rolled and was forming bumps dividing her backside into four sections.It was a disgusting site.
There are so many different types of underwear that would be decent and appropriate for all ages,body shapes,and all manner of outfits.Well T and G strings are good, however ,they have health implications.Kindly ask your gyno when you go for your next visit.
Take time to go underwear shopping just like you take time to go shoe shopping,dress shopping.Just do not pick anything you come across because it will be worn under.Just so you know,Undergarments are important because they help all our garments drape well.
Men you are not any better,I hate this new trend where we are served with a display of dirty boxers pipping through the trousers waist line.Others will say that they wear clean boxers only,clean or dirty dude I do not want to see your underwear.OK?

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