Friday, 8 July 2011

Every Book,Fiction or not ,Has some level of truth in it.

Those who were in high school in the new millennium will probably understand this better.
For my short stories I was examined on a book an anthology from East Africa.The cover was red with four squares if I remember vividly.The title, Encounters From East Africa, Now I know you remember.
My favourite story was "Africa Kills her Sun"
In that short story we are given a clear picture of how Sazan, Jimba And the third man whose name I cant place a finger on do what they do,banditry.That's not even what I want to make reference to.n the same story one of the three characters above has a steamy night with a prostitute and in the heat of things he chooses to ask a question many people will probably want to  ask any prostitute they know, Why on earth did you choose to be a prostitute,these days sugar coated as "Commercial Sex Work" mmmmh tell me another people.
The prostitute in the story said,"Others choose to nurses others cooks others house girls I choose to be a prostitute.
I know a very rare topic to write about,well,I have been reading a blog by Sue whose title is Nairobi Nights and I am amazed at how she categoricaly states that she choose to practice or join the trade.Even after pursuing a basic degree which many commercial sex workers dream of pursuing.The general perspective is that many of the young girls who brave the night chill do so out of desperation.Lack of an education,others are orphans,others are very poor backgrounds.No this is slowly becoming a trade for both the desperate and those are in it for business.
Sue you will probably read this one time because I have made reference to your blog,I have nothing against your trade but I just have too many questions that I will prefer not to  ask.It is that suspense that still makes me read your blog.I know with time you will answer some of my questions in one of your blog posts.

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